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Two ways to save money on your operation procurement

Within every company saving money and maximize profit is an ongoing process. Companies try to grow every year by maximize their revenue. But sometimes forget to decrease their procurement costs. It’s easier to maximize the net profit by decreasing the procurement costs than increase the revenue. Does your company want to save money on operation procurement? We explain twee ways:

What is Procure to pay?

Procure to pay is the outsourcing of the invoice management and (a part of) the operation procurement. You let an extern company place orders in behalf of your company. That company will be responsible for the whole procurement process including paying the different invoices from the different suppliers. Once a month you’ll receive one invoice. The

Save money with Procure to pay

Outsourcing the procurement process, is time- and moneysaving. By reducing the manual operations and paperwork from different suppliers. Your company can save up to 21% on money and time. You can also reduce your supplier database by 80% because of most of the suppliers sent only one or two invoices.

What is Source to pay?

Source to pay is comparable with procure to pay. In addition to procure to pay, with source to pay an extern company will search for the best price and condition.

Save money with Source to pay

Save extra money by outsourcing the tendering process. Searching for new suppliers with better prices and conditions saves extra money for your company. And also saves a lot of time.

Outsourcing saves money

Although outsourcing costs the company money, at the bottom line it will save your company a lot of money bottom to. Corlido Group are worldwide specialists in taking over your operational purchasing. With companies like General Motors, Phillips and Shell as clients, Corlido Group has the top worldwide enterprises.