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Research and product development

Are you developing a product, but are you stuck in the process? The cause of this can be traced back to the smallest particles. When these do not mix optimally, this affects the properties of the product. This is exactly what Solids Solutions is working on. We specialize in powder and particle technology and can determine where in the process the problem occurs by means of research. We then look for a solution so that the operation of the product is optimized.

Solids Solutions Delft

Solids Solutions is based in Delft. This is where our laboratory is located, where the research takes place. We also have a knowledge centre at our disposal. Here you can find articles, leaflets and other informative documents about the research we carry out. In addition, you can attend seminars and courses with us in the field of powders and particles, chemical compositions and porosity of solids. We focus on various sectors and are happy to share our knowledge with you and your colleagues. We do this both on location and in-company. You can also contact us for advice.

Porosity measurement to determine BET surface area

Solids often contain a certain amount of porosity. The size of the pores and their total surface area can be calculated by means of gas absorption. At Solids Solutions we use nitrogen in most cases. Some substances, such as activated carbon, require other types of gas to perform a porosity measurement. We use different methods and instruments to determine the BET surface as accurately as possible. The pore volume and pore size distribution can also be calculated if necessary. Please contact us so that we can work together towards a suitable solution.