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Reach the best drying results with an innovative belt dryer

There are many industries where drying products is an important part of the process. The food and feed industries are just a few examples. To ensure maximum drying capacity, Dutch Dryers BV develops a bespoke belt dryer for your company. This belt dryer is completely specified according to your company’s needs. In other words, every bespoke belt dryer has other characteristics and specifications.

How does this drying process work?

When you use a belt dryer in your food processing process, you use heat in order to dry matter with a high moisture level. The end product is a usable, dry product. The belt dryer uses a flow of hot air to achieve a good drying result. This flow of hot air is ‘sucked’ through the material to be dried on a moving conveyor belt. A belt dryer is especially sustainable when the required drying capacity is minimal.

Where can you find a bespoke belt dryer of optimum quality?

Are you in need of optimum drying results while using low value and/or residual heat during the process? Dutch Dryers BV is the partner for you! They can design, develop, and produce a bespoke belt dryer enabling you to optimize your drying process. This development and manufacturing process of the bespoke belt dryer is completely undertaken in-house at Dutch Dryers BV. This ensures an optimal quality and quick delivery of the machinery! It is also possible to get a hybrid dryer developed that combines the specifics of a belt dryer and a drum dryer.

Contact these experts for more information about the possibilities

Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities of ordering a bespoke belt dryer at Dutch Dryers BV? Make sure to contact these experts and discuss the possibilities with them. They are more than happy to work out a business case based on what works for you.