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Outdoor Social Distanced Events

The prospect of outdoor events going ahead, is a great piece of news for the exhibition industry. As of the 17th May business events such as conferences, tradeshows & exhibitions will begin to take place.  Due to closures and regulations, the exhibition halls have been closed for over a year, and what an experience it will be to enjoy meeting and greeting people, face to face.

It’s still not possible to allow a large group of people to congregate inside as this could see the spread of COVID-19 accelerate. So, if the next best thing is outdoor events – we’ll take it.

Being outdoors will reduce the spread of the coronavirus as the particles will be blown away, therefore reducing the risk. In addition to being out in the open, social distancing will also be mandatory to keep all visitors safe during their time at the event.

To begin with there is an allowance of 30 people per event and they must be social distancing. This number is significantly smaller than the 1000’s previously invited, but a slow and steady restart will be beneficial to all businesses.

With a change of venue, a change of exhibiting tools are available too. Outdoor exhibition stands and accessories are hardwearing and have been tested against different weather conditions to ensure they’ll last.

Flags, outdoor banners and inflatable accessories are made with stronger fabrics and printed using a specialised dying technique which promises long lasting colours and bold prints. The waterproof fabric is also suitable for sanitising and wiping clean as an extra precaution when it comes to reducing germs within your outdoor space.

Providing hand sanitising areas on the entrance and exit of your stand space would be beneficial. Ensuring each visitor sanitises before entering will create a safe and secure feeling and limit the possibility of contamination.

The main thing is to make sure as a brand you’re aware of the regulations and follow the rules of the government and the venue for the smooth and comfortable running of the event.