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Innovative Technologies for Your Library

If you are managing a library, it can be a hard task to arrange dozens of books, prevent theft and maintain your catalogue. Today, however, there are software and hardware tools that can make all these tasks easy, efficient and error-free. Here are some leading library solutions or technology tools that you can implement.

Staff Library Management Solutions

Make it easy for the library staff to manage library resources and customers with ease. Some of the library solutions to use in such cases include card printers when issuing cards to new customers and replacing lost cards, RFID card leaders for access control to the library and PC security RFID readers for accessing PC resources.

Return and Sorting Tools

Manual book sorting can be tiresome, especially if the library is large and busy. You can consider installing a return and sorting system. There are options for different library sizes from a single bin to multi-bin systems. If you plan to expand the library in the near future, consider modular return and sorting systems that can be scaled if there is a need for more capacity. Go for systems with electric motors instead of pneumatic ones to reduce the amount of noise made in the library environment.

Security Detections Systems

Just like in supermarkets, it is important that you have library solutions that detect resources that have not been checked out at the library attendant. The system works by sounding an alarm when an item that was not checked passes on the way out. Install library solutions that can help you manage different gates from a central location if there are several entrances and exits. The common solutions are RFID, electromagnetic and hybrid systems.

Labelling Technologies

Libraries have media of different formats. There are several RFID and electromagnetic tags and labels to cater to different types of media in the library. If you go for high quality tags, be assured that they can serve you for years without the need for replacements.