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How To Use Quick Tactics In FIFA 21

Quick Tactics are an essential complement that all FIFA 21 players should learn to use and exploit, as they can surprise your rivals and create new game situations that catch the opposing defense off guard or help you cut off a breakthrough of the opposing team.

The surprise factor is essential to dominating your opponent and quick tactics help you to always have that ace up your sleeve that can generate a scoring chance in the opponent’s goal or leave offside the opposing striker in a counterattack play.

Beyond that you want to buy FIFA 21 Coins to acquire your favorite players and form the best team of all in FIFA Ultimate Team, it won’t worth it if you don’t know how to apply quick tactics effectively, so we recommend you read this practical guide to know everything you need.


Offensive quick tactics.

  1.  Get in the box.

This command will make more players from your team enter the opponent’s team box to look for a header, ideal to use before throwing across or after you recover the ball after a corner kick.

This tactic is a very good resource if your team’s defenders and midfielders are tall and have the good heading ability.

  1.  Attacking Full Backs.

Attacking with the fullbacks is something that many teams today have as their main offensive card and this is something you can use very well in FIFA 21.

The rise of the fullbacks will allow you to widen your game on the sides of the pitch and make the rival defense open, leaving spaces in the middle that your midfielders can take advantage of to create opportunities for the forwards.

Likewise, positioning your fullbacks on the rival side of the pitch will also allow you to launch more crosses and appeal to the aerial game of your forwards and midfielders, although you will neglect the defense.

  1.  Hug Sideline.

By using this command, the midfielders will move closer to the sides of the field, expanding the playing spectrum of your team, creating larger spaces and more open passing lanes.

  1.  Extra Striker.

Sergio Ramos is the perfect example of Extra Striker since this command tells one of your central defenders to position himself as a center forward in one play and, if your defense is good with the headers, he can become the hero who saves the match.


Defensive Quick Tactics.

  1.  Striker Drop Back.

This tactic will order the forward of your team to defend as if he were a midfielder, neglecting your offensive possibilities to protect the current result of the game.

  1.  Team Press.

This command orders all the players to press your opponent in their field to take the ball close to the goalkeeper. The only bad thing about this tactic is that if this fails the rival forwards will have a lot of space to move on your field.

  1.  Overload Ball Side.

Overload Ball Side is a command that makes all team lines come together and the passing lines between opposing midfielders and forwards are shortened.

  1.  Offside Trap.

The famous Offside Trap is a very risky play that consists of ordering your defensive line to quickly move forward to put opposing forwards in a prohibited position.

This tactic is very difficult to use, since a mistake has a high probability of turning into a goal by the opposing team, so it’s recommended to use only in extreme cases.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)