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How to communicate easily while horseback riding

If you are someone who takes or gives horseback riding lessons, then you know better than anyone how difficult it can be to communicate well with the rider or instructor who is teaching you. In an equestrian center you are often surrounded by a lot of noise from playing children, horses roaring, galloping hooves, wind and instructions from instructors and the like. Instructors tend to overdo it in order to communicate with the rider, who needs the instructions so badly. As an instructor you are often exhausted at the end of a lesson and your voice hurts. Also the rider can’t concentrate and at the end of the lesson he’ll be fed up with the word “what? This is terribly annoying, but need not be the norm.

Equestrian coaching headsets
Fortunately, there are solutions to the above problem; wireless instruction sets. These handy devices provide the user with a direct connection between instructor and rider. Because each set grants a direct connection, there will be no problems with echo, interference, or choppiness. Such a system is called a is widely used in the professional equestrian world.

Multiple options and uses
Instruction sets can be used in many different ways. Some forms of use for such instruction sets are;
1. Riding distances
The instruction sets often have a range of one, -to two kilometers, depending on the type of instruction set. This allows the rider and instructor to communicate over long distances.
2. Riding competitions
In professional equestrian sports instruction sets are often used during competitions. Instructions from the jury and / or trainer / coach can be directly and clearly transferred to rider.
3. Teaching in the arena
The equipment can also easily be used for teaching and training in the arena. The rider can concentrate better and the balance on the horse is not disturbed.