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Designing a product on the user

You are in the process of launching a new product. You have a good idea and you are now working on the prototype. It is then good to take a look at your target group. Ultimately you want your product to be sold and you do not do that to yourself but to your target group. Therefore, keep the target group in mind when designing and making your prototype. You can do this in two ways: through user centered design and through customer journey mapping.

User centered design

With user centered design, the user is always put at the heart of the design process. Every product decision is made based on the user’s needs, objectives and feedback. The user is involved in every step. That way you know what the user thinks of the product and you also know that your product will probably be sold once you put it on the market. This is important because today the market is overcrowded with many providers. Consumers therefore choose the brand they know and trust and which they know is good.

Customer journey mapping

With customer journey mapping, the customer journey is visualized. We call this the customer journey. You then look at what the customer thinks and thinks at every step and from there you improve your product. In the long run, this has the advantage that you often earn customer loyalty. During the customer journey you will see all customer pain points. This is very valuable for your product, because you can improve this to make your product even better. There are also positive points that you can also find useful. So be sure to use this to adjust your product again.