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Betting on football matches? All you need to know

Betting on soccer matches can add an extra dimension to your sports experience. Instead of just watching and hoping for a certain winner because you are a fan of that team, you have now bet money on a certain result. This makes it even more exciting to watch, especially at matches where there is no immediate advantage or disadvantage for one of the football clubs. 



When betting on sports matches we speak of ratings, also called odds. A rating stands for what they will pay you if your prediction is correct. It is a factor by which your bet is multiplied. A rating is determined on the basis of several factors, you can think of:


  • The balance between the teams

  • Past results

  • Missing players (due to suspensions or injuries)

  • The current rankings


Also, if you have already bet on a match against a certain rating, it can still change until the last moment. For example, if an important player is not able to participate. The more bets are placed on a certain outcome, the lower the odd will be. The lower the chance that your prediction will be true, the higher the odds will be.


Want to take a chance?

Make sure you orient yourself properly. Of course, don’t put your bets in the wild. A high odds rating sounds fun and is certainly tempting, but at the same time it means that the chances of winning are slim. A low rating, on the other hand, is less exciting but offers more certainty. There are plenty of forums where predictions are made based on the mentioned criteria. You don’t have to do all the research yourself, look for enthusiasts online and get good advice.

Football API

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