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5 cryptocurrency trends to look for

Each passing year, though, sees more steps taken along that destined path.

Let’s take a look at 5 trends that can reasonably be expected to prove significant as we head into 2020:

Increased regulation

While the core appeal of the cryptocurrency concept was achieving the freedom and security of decentralization, it was never realistic that it could become a worldwide practicality without any form of governmental oversight. This may frustrate some, but it doesn’t come close to defeating the purpose — regulated cryptocurrency still holds some major advantages.

In recent years, we’ve seen regulatory bodies make early efforts to figure out this new approach to finance, and the pace is starting to pick up: in the US, for instance, the Senate Banking Committee continues to hold relevant hearings (at the time of writing, the next was scheduled for July 30th). In Europe, meanwhile, the European Banking Authority recommended at the start of 2019 that the EU consider adapting existing laws to ensure that cryptocurrencies are covered.

Big companies entering the fray

The mainstream viability of cryptocurrency as an everyday option has been gestating for some time. Even as awareness of Bitcoin rose dramatically, it wasn’t really considered something to be used on a daily basis — and while ecommerce giant Shopify announced Bitcoin integration for its store-hosting system all the way back in 2013, the industry-wide accessibility that followed didn’t change the wild fluctuations in value that still make Bitcoin more useful as an investment.

Automated trading

Cryptocurrency operates exclusively in the cloud. This is useful for various reasons, but it has the added benefit (well, it’s a benefit for some) of readily supporting the implementation of automated systems (and even machine learning algorithms) for everything from financial management to risky trading.

The banking world has been moving in this direction for a long time (with companies even paying huge sums for superlative internet connections to fractionally speed up their trades), so online-only cryptocurrency only adds to the options. Hooked up to a cryptocurrency marketplace, a trading can either follow your explicit instructions or use provided signals.

Stabilized currency value

You may have read about stablecoins, the digital coins that stabilize cryptocurrencies by tying them to items of traditional real-world value (fiat currencies, for instance, or even standards such as gold). They’re of vital importance in the long run because the extraordinary speculative fluctuations of Bitcoin make it unsuitable for daily tasks such as buying groceries.

If cryptocurrencies are going to compete with traditional currencies, they need to retain their value in a very consistent way, and the best way to do this is to secure them to tangible assets. What we may eventually see is a settled selection of cryptocurrencies, with some viable for regular trading use and others better suited to investors.

The cryptocurrency world is in its maturation stage, struggling to shake off the awkwardness of the Bitcoin bubble and attempting to show that it’s ready to be taken seriously.

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