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What is Thumb Support?

Thumb supports or splints are specially designed orthopaedic devices that give your thumb support when experiencing a thumb injury, deformity or inflammation. They are mainly used to treat collateral ligament injuries, tendonitis, and thumb sprains resulting from sports or trauma. Thumb brace work by reducing movements, allowing you to rest your thumb in the correct position for proper healing.

Types of Podobrace Thumb Support

Podobrace is one of the most popular online platforms dealing with thumb support products services. Below is a look at the different forms of thumb brace you are likely to find here.

The type of thumb brace you get depends on your specific needs. They include:

• Thermoplastic thumb supports: These supports offer great immobilisation and are highly customisable. They come with a thin plastic material that surrounds the injured part to quicken recovery. Additionally, they have a foam lining that prevents sweat build-up and enhances comfortability.

• Metal stay thumb supports: This category of supports offers medium immobilisation. They are ideal for mild thumb injuries and protection of joints that are in the process of healing. These supports come in either leather, elastic or neoprene form. Leather thumb supports boasts of increased durability while the neoprene ones offer enhanced compressive support. On the other hand, plastic supports provide comfort, can be worn all day and are highly breathable.

• Aluminium core thumb supports: These thumb braces are lightweight and offer great immobilisation. They are flexible and the aluminium core shells can be shaped to fit any hand.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Thumb Supports

Before settling for a particular category of thumb brace, here are a few factors that you should consider.

• The required level of immobilisation
• Your preferred material, either thermoplastic, aluminium core or metal stay
• Your preferred level of customisation

Buying Thumb Support

If you are seeking to get thumb support, ensure you buy from a trusted dealer. Here is a reputable online platform when it comes to thumb support They offer different forms of quality thumb support at friendly prices. They also have a support team who are ready and willing to help by responding to your queries.