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Manager in business

The hierarchical order within a company

As a self-employed person, there is a good chance that you are your own boss and therefore your own manager. If you are an employee, you must follow the hierarchy implemented by top management. However, there is a possibility that you can eventually grow into a management position within the company. Highly qualified employees can immediately move into a management position. As an employee you must be honest about a management position. Are you really ready? Do you have sufficient knowledge on board? Do you have the support of your family to accept a higher position, and possibly longer working hours? All these factors must be considered if you want to become a good manager. Don’t kid yourself either. Certain expectations are set in a management role. If you can’t live up to these expectations, the adventure ends pretty quickly. It is often more difficult to take a step back within your own company. The only option left is to leave the company.

A good manager must have good qualities to be able to manage a team.

Managing other employees is a logical step in a promotion in the company. However, leadership also entails a lot of concerns. You are responsible for the performance and proper functioning of a team. If your leadership is not sitting, then that is absolutely not a disaster. There are also expertise positions where you can become a manager without really having to lead a team. Certain employees really can’t please you with a leadership position.

7 traits or qualities of a good manager (boss)

Born leadership

A manager is designated by the company, with the aim of leading a particular team. According to the defined organizational chart, in the management role you will report to your hierarchical superior. However, that doesn’t make a manager a good leader. Born leadership is an important asset. You radiate charisma, dynamism and a vision for your department and team. You are the rock in the branding and all your employees are happy to give you their confidence. Born leadership also means that you do not shy away from your responsibilities. If a mistake happens within the team, it is to the credit of the leader or good manager to take that responsibility.

Asking for help if a manager should be able to

As a manager you cannot know everything. Don’t act like a know-it-all, but dare to say openly that you should not answer. Maybe someone on your team knows the answer. This form of vulnerability is very human and is highly appreciated by the employees. Employees should feel that they can impart knowledge to the team. Appreciate your employees for this too. Ultimately, it is the collective performance of the team that should make the entire company stronger and better.

Have an excellent knowledge

As a good manager, try to understand the material and knowledge very well. Managers do not need to know all subjects in detail. As a manager you have to streamline and optimize the processes. For that you need good knowledge. Very often the best managers are employees who grow from a lower position to a management position. They know the tricks of the trade and immediately receive the necessary appreciation from their employees because of their professional competence.


Example function as a manager

Never impose anything on an employee that you would not do or cannot fulfill yourself. It is very difficult to sanction employees if they surf the internet during working hours, if you do this yourself. You set an example as an employee. You do not talk behind other people’s backs and you are positive about changes within the organization. Welcome positive ideas and consider how they can add value to the organization to be led. Also be very correct in communication with the staff. Be straightforward and dare to communicate difficult decisions openly.

A compliment every now and then can’t hurt: confront and reward
A compliment can’t hurt. Employees appreciate it when good results are rewarded with a compliment. Why not provide breakfast on the desk for your employees when a project has been successfully completed? They deserved that. However, if something is not going well, you as a manager must be willing to report this immediately. The combination of correct confrontation and reward is a strong quality of a good manager.

Be reasonable and human in the way of “managing”
Give your employees enough freedom. Satisfied employees ensure better performance, resulting in better results for





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