Madden 17 Regression

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Madden 17 offers you a lot of neat little functions that you cannot find in any other video game. Regression is one of those things that pops up in Madden 17 and makes the game a lot better. Regression is quite the interesting thing that goes on with players in the game but there are actually things you can do to avoid this troublesome little bit of Madden 17. How can you do this and what exactly happens when your player enters regression? Well just stick around and you will find out everything about regression in Madden NFL 17. 
Regression is a cool little thing that happens to your players after some time. Regression is a bit of Madden NFL 17 that makes sure that you cannot use your players forever and that you have a pretty interesting challenge over the time you play Madden 17. Regression usually starts at 28 or 29, depending on position and dev rating. Superstars regress a bit slower. Your players can be pushed through this little regression bit but they will be very slow and perform badly. So do not be afraid of regression, it happens to all of us… And it’s called aging… Or aids… I have one of the two… 
Regression does seem like a scary thing that happens as a punishment in Madden 17 but I actually think that it is a good thing. Even though it does affect your players in a bad way and your Madden 17 team might perform badly you will still have a lot of fun managing all of that. So get on out there and push through regression in Madden NFL 17.