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What are the different forms of transport?

Transport has become a big part of our society. All the goods and products that we consume, are transported all over the world.Think for example of a package with clothes you ordered from another country, as well as food and medicine that you can buy in the supermarket and drugstore.As our consumption is only increasing, the transport sector is growing enormously and is now even seen as one of the largest sectors. But which forms of transport are there exactly? We would like to explain it to you!


Transport by road

Transport by road is the most common form of transport. This form of transport is very flexible and well suitable for small transport within countries. Transport by road is flexible, because the driver can deliver the goods in front of the customers door and routes can be adjusted in between. In addition, the customer receives the order within a few days and sometimes even on weekends, provided that the driver is not delayed or stuck in traffic. This is experienced as a very pleasant service. However, transport by road can be seen as one of the most expensive forms of transport, as there are so many trucks on the road at the same time that consume fuel.


Transport by air

Airplanes are not only meant for transporting people, but also goods and products. Transport by air is commonly used, when products have to be at their place of destination within a short timeframe. This form of transport is often used for goods with a short lifespan, such as flowers and fruits. In addition, airplanes are efficiently equipped to transport goods. For example, there are special boxes that can fill the entire airspace, leaving no empty space. If you want to know more about perfect fit air cargos, take a look at However, the costs of transport by air are very high.


Transport by sea

Another form of delivering products and goods, is by sea. Especially in…

However, a disadvantage of transport by sea is that it is very slow, and difficult to estimate exactly what time the product is at the customer’s premises. Also, when goods arrive at the port, they still have to be transported by road, in order to arrive at the customers door. This will take a lot of time and, thus, money. Therefore, it is good to consider whether transport by sea is the cheapest form of transport.