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Lease your IPv4 addresses instead

Before the announcement of the exhaustion of IPv4, we all knew about how scarce it was. The amount was dwindling quite fast and big tech companies were getting nervous, buying IPv4 addresses in bulk. Now, after the fact that the Internet Protocol version 4 is officially all exhausted, the transfer market is booming like never before. The demand is still going strong and now as the years go by, the prices go higher. If you are interested in buying, selling, or leasing IPv4 addresses, check out to know more.

Here is why, out of your options, leasing is the better choice.

The amount

One of the reasons people prefer to lease IPv4 addresses is because of the price. As we have mentioned earlier, the price for IPv4 addresses has been steadily going up every year. And many parties that are in the market to buy the address space aren’t able to afford that price, especially because they are trying to get it in bulk. If they lease the IPv4 address space, they will be able to get it at a way more reduced price.

Less complicated

Buying an IPv4 address, let alone a bulk of it can be a lot more complicated than you would originally think. The Regional Internet Registry or RIR, set up rules and regulations when it comes to the transferring of Internet Protocol addresses for safety reasons, and it is essential to follow those rules. Because of these rules, the process of transferring the ownership of IPv4 addresses will take quite a bit of time. If you need the IPv4 address at a specific time, buying it may not be the best course of action for you.
Leasing, however, is less complicated, which is why it’s preferred. Because leasing doesn’t require the transfer of ownership, all of those rules and regulations can be more relaxed. As soon as the agreements are finalized between the leaser and the lessee, the IPv4 addresses can be handed over in under 48 hours.

Seek IP broker help

It’s important to work with an IP broker to make sure you do everything safely and correctly. The process will not only be more efficient, but you might even get a better deal when working with an IP broker as they know how to navigate this market better.