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Is laser hair removal dangerous?

Is laser hair removal dangerous? In the past few years, experts do see an inmensive growth of laser clinics and almost every beautician does have a laser or IPL device. After all, who doesn’t want to permanently get rid of hair growth in unwanted places?


Some background information about laser hair removal

Understanding the risks of laser hair removal requires some background knowledge: A laser works with radiation, which can be compared to the rays of the sun, infrared sauna or X-ray photo. The wavelength of the radiation determines the effect and intensity of a laser, from harmless infrared radiation (sauna) to the deadly UV C of the sun (which is blocked by the atmosphere).

Is laser hair removal dangerous? Nowadays you see that lasers are used everywhere. Even the surgeon operates and cuts using a laser. If you look at the graph below, you will see that each wavelength has a different effect on the skin. For example, you can see in the graph that a Pulsed Dye laser is suitable for the treatment of blood vessels (red horizontal line), that the Alexandrite and Diode has a good effect on Melanin, so pigment and hair (Black horizontal line) and that the Nd Yag affects water (blue horizontal line).


So the lasers are safe?

Lasers are used in many different fields and hair removal clinics are no exception. These clinics specialize in laser hair removal and and are experts in their field. Removing your hair with lasers is completely safe when doing this in the proper enviroment. The clinicians are properly trained and can answer all of your questions. 


Are there any dangers when applying the lasers yourself?

Many factors can still hinder a good result, not to mention damage to the skin. When a laser treatment is started, skin color, hair color, hair thickness and hair density are very important. This is important to avoid damage to the skin. This is where most mistakes are made. You also want the device to really use the settings that you have indicated and not deviate from them. To avoid risks we stronly advise visiting a laser hair removal clinic.