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Enough space in the air but not enough on the floor: we have the solution!

Enough space in the air but not enough on the floor: we have the solution!

It’s a bit contradictory really, you have such a large building with such a high ceiling but at the same time you only have one floor so you soon experience a lack of space. It is such a waste not to use the space of your building optimally that we would like to offer you a solution to this problem. You can, in fact, do something with all this available space. At you can have a custom-made mezzanine floor produced that will double the usable space in your building. 


A mezzanine floor

The mezzanine floor is a floor which is built from a self-supporting steel construction and which can be installed between two already existing floors (for example, the floor and the roof) without the intervention of pillars, beams or similar. This means that no intensive renovations or difficult constructions are necessary and a whole extra floor can be created in a relatively short time. In this way, you can still make excellent use of all the empty space that was originally there. 


The different application possibilities

And then? What do you do with all that extra space? First of all, the extra floor can obviously be used for storing goods. A mezzanine floor is also very suitable for creating an extra floor with office spaces. Did you know that a mezzanine floor can also only be used temporarily? Sometimes you do not need extra space all year round, but for example only during the busier seasons. Because a mezzanine floor is supplied as a kit and is easy to assemble and disassemble, it can also serve perfectly as a temporary solution. You can also take the mezzanine floor with you to another building at a later time. 


A versatile floor for almost any space

A mezzanine floor is a very versatile floor that is suitable for almost any space. Because we work with made-to-measure solutions, you can expect a product that fully meets your wishes, requirements, needs and expectations. This means that a mezzanine floor can also be a very good solution in your specific situation. Ask about the possibilities and request a quotation without obligation!